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Pro Membership (6 month contract)

This personalized program gets you all the bells an whistles. In addition to being able to attend unlimited group classes, your membership also includes:

  1. More gym time available outside of group classes
  2. A dedicated program to help you achieve your goals
  3. More 1 on 1 time with a coach (to include weekly check ins but active coaching during most sessions)
  4. Sponsored events (this includes the possibility of event payments, clothing, merchandise to be specified) $175 cap
  5. Discounted pricing on Personal Training Rates (20%)
  6. Discounted rates on Professional services (this includes 40% off designated Rolfing, 20% off nutritionist, other food and beverages, supplements, clothing, gym courses, and other)
  7. Discounts on merchandise (discounts vary depending on the item)

Plan details